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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Concrete Pumping Pipe Linking Skills
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Concrete Pumping Pipe Linking Skills

Now most of the concrete pump pipe using concrete pump pipe connection technology, the scene only need cutting machine, rolling slot machine and tighten the bolt with the hand, construction organization convenience. The use of welding and flange connection, you need to be equipped with complex power cables, cutting machines, welding machines and oxygen and acetylene cylinders, etc., which gives the construction organization has brought complexity, and there are leakage and fire hazards The At the same time welding and gas cutting generated by the slag, inevitably fall into the pipeline, the use of easily generated pipe valves and even equipment clogging, but also pollution of water quality. Do not need to destroy the nearby wall, reducing the maintenance time and maintenance, because the concrete pump pipe connection simple operation, the need for smaller control space, which for the future maintenance has brought a lot of convenience. When the pipeline needs repair and replacement, just release the two clamps can be replaced, rolling, modify a pipeline. Everyone in the use of the pump tube process should pay attention to the correct use, especially in the wear-resistant tube more selected quality products, pay attention to the use of methods.

What are the requirements for concrete pump tubing when pouring?

1. The quality of concrete production and raw materials should meet the "sluice construction specifications" design requirements.

For the pumping of coarse aggregate concrete should be used continuous grading, needle-like particles should not be more than 10%, when pouring larger volume of concrete, such as the bottom plate, the thickness of more than 60cm of the pier wall, etc. should use 5 ~ 40mm thick bone material. Fine aggregate should be used in sand, through the 0.315mm sieve sand should not be less than 15%, coarse, fine aggregate of the best gradation according to "concrete pumping construction technical specifications" the best gradation map selection.

2. Concrete mix design should be consistent with the "sluice construction code" requirement, the concrete water-cement ratio and the minimum amount of cement should be consistent with "hydraulic concrete structural design specifications" provisions, and should be determined by experiment.

Pumped concrete water-cement ratio should be 0.4 ~ 0.6, the sand rate should be 38 ~ 45%, pumping height below 30m, the slump should use 100 ~ 140mm, the minimum amount of cement should not be less than 300kg / m3.

3. Pumping concrete should be mixed with the amount of admixture, and in line with the current national standard "concrete pumping agent" requirement. The variety and dosage of the admixture should be determined by experiment and shall not be used arbitrarily.

Mixed with fly ash pumped concrete mix design, must be tested to determine, and should meet the current national standard "fly ash in concrete and mortar application of technical regulations", "concrete admixture application technical specifications" and other relevant provisions.

4. The old and new concrete joints, should be used chisel and other methods to remove the old concrete surface of the cement slurry film and loose layer, and rinse, remove the water. Before pouring, the horizontal joints should be a layer of 1 to 2 cm thick layer of cement mortar, vertical seam should brush a layer of clean water slurry, the water / cement ratio should be reduced by 0.03 ~ 0.05 concrete.

5. Pump pipe pouring concrete should be continuous, is strictly prohibited in the way and the warehouse to add water. Concrete should be pouring with the flat, shall not use the vibrator open. Tamping of concrete should be the use of vibrator-based, can not use the vibrator or pouring difficult parts, can be used or supplemented by artificial tamping, so no honey noodles.

When pumping concrete, the cement slurry or cement mortar used to lubricate the conveying pipe shall be scattered and shall not be concentrated in the same part.

Pouring concrete pumping, not in the same place continuous fabric, cloth pipe should be in the range of 2 ~ 3m horizontal movement of cloth. Pouring thickness should be 300 ~ 500mm. The horizontal structure of the concrete surface should be timely with a wooden trowel polished more than twice, if necessary, should also be more than twice the iron drum to prevent the occurrence of shrinkage cracks.

6. Continuous wetting of concrete curing time, the ordinary Portland cement, Portland cement not less than 10 days, slag Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement not less than 15 days.

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