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Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Transport System Operation
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Concrete Pump Rubber Hose Transport system operation

As each roller in the pump head presses the pump tube, the peristaltic pump pumps a certain amount of fluid, so the size of the pump tubing is directly related to the pumping flow, that is, the operation of the fluid delivery system. Pump tube is the design of high quality peristaltic pump to be considered when the key part. The optimum size or optimum size range of the pump tubing is to be calculated. Where the size of the main refers to the pump tube diameter and thickness. The inner diameter determines the amount of fluid pumped by one revolution per turn, and the thickness determines the ability to restore the original shape after each roll, which greatly affects the service life of the pump tubing.

Concrete pump pipe from the hopper, pumping system, hydraulic system, cleaning system, electrical systems, motors, walking chassis and other components. The conveyor mechanism consists of two master cylinders, water tanks, commutation devices, two concrete tanks, two concrete pistons, hoppers, distribution valves (S-shaped valves), swing arms, two swing cylinders and outlet. When the concrete piston 8 is retreated to the stroke terminal, the commutation device in the water tank is triggered, the main cylinder is commutated, and the cylinder is switched to the same time, and the distribution valve is connected with the concrete cylinder. The concrete cylinder is connected with the hopper, and the piston is retreated and advanced. Followed by continuous circulation, in order to achieve continuous pumping.

When the concrete is pumped, under the action of the main cylinder, the concrete piston is advanced and the concrete piston is retreated. At the same time, under the action of the swing cylinder, the distribution valve is connected with the concrete cylinder 5, and the concrete cylinder 6 is connected with the hopper. So that the concrete piston 8 retreat, then the concrete in the hopper into the concrete cylinder, the concrete piston 7 forward, the concrete tank into the distribution of concrete into the pump.

Pump pipe size relative to the pump head size is too small, the pump head can not jam the pump tube, the pump tube will be pulled out of the pump head; and pump tube size is too small, the pump head roller can not suppress the pump tube, Will cause the pumping flow to be insufficient or complete failure. If the size of the pump tubing is too large, the excess pipe will fold between the roller and the pump shell or between the roll and the bite bed, resulting in excessive wear and premature failure. The end user should follow the manufacturer's recommendations when selecting the pump tubing to ensure that the system functions well. In some applications where high accuracy is required (eg chemical dosimeters), the size of the pump tubing is even more pronounced. A slight deviation in size will result in too much deviation in traffic or distribution. While some manufacturers provide pump tubing sizes that are "close" to the recommended size, "look the same", but there are still gaps. So in order to make the pump system to achieve the best performance and accuracy, the user should be used with the manufacturer recommended size exactly the same size of the pump tube.

Concrete pump pipe when using the note:

First, please confirm whether the product with the equipment designed by the specifications of the same model.

Second, when the delivery is found in the transport or loading and unloading is hard objects wear and damage, please note that the preservation of the original, timely contact with the company, such as the use of the company is not responsible.

Third, the use of professional operation must be guided by the technical division, ordinary rubber hose can not replace the use of the hardware pump tube, the front end can not be connected, the hardware pump tube, and the use of curvature should not be too large, otherwise the hose pressure over, resulting in blasting, Loss of conceit.

Fourth, the pressure must be specified in accordance with the provisions of the use of the operation of the data, where the glue was significantly wear and tear, the flange at the exit of the obvious wear and pressure is too large, the tube caused by blasting can not be replaced, do not explain the above phenomenon, under normal pressure Resulting in blasting, confirmed by the company sent staff, you can change the same kind of products.

Fifth, the use of finished, please do a good job in the pipeline cleaning work, so that the transfer work smoothly.

6, to keep flat, dry, to prevent the acid and alkali, oil and organic solvents affect the quality of rubber material contact.

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